Cat eating

Many cats have health issues and cannot seem to cope with cheap commercial canned cat food for sensitive stomachs. The ingredients may not agree with them, but there are canned pet food with wholesome basic ingredients for pets with delicate stomachs.

Much of the pet food in supermarkets today are highly processed. When your pets eat them, they can develop health problems because of a processed diet. Issues such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes and cancer are becoming more common in cats and dogs. Particularly sensitive animals may not be able to digest these foods easily, which could lead to diarrhea and nausea.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

There are several ingredients a diligent pet owner should avoid because they have no nutritional value and could even cause them harm.

1. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and other Chemical Preservatives

These are carcinogens and can affect reproductive function based on a study that used rats in a laboratory. Including Vitamin C and E is a more natural way to preserve canned food and carries none of the risks.

2. Food Dyes

Food dyes serve no purpose and only make it look more physically attractive. Food dyes can cause hypersensitive reactions and have no nutritional advantage.

3. Meat Meal

Meat ‘meal’ is rendered meat using offcuts of meat not suitable for human consumption. Offcuts often include grease and ground bone. It may be contaminated with waste from these to remain in rendered meat. Pieces of non-food items have been known to make their way into rendered meat products.

Meat meal is not fit for human consumption is generally not fit for animal consumption. In the past, samples of rendered meat in pet food were recalled, due to the presence of pentobarbital, a barbiturate used in slaughterhouses. Barbituates can cause drowsiness and eventual death.

4. Fillers

Due to the lack of meat in many pet foods, grains like wheat flour or corn meal are added. Soya may be added to make the meal more filling. More meat, and therefore more protein, is always the better choice.

5. Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is a moistening agent found in soft pet foods. It is the main ingredient of anti-freeze. PG could irritate sensitive stomachs and could be a reason why some cats vomit after eating cheap pet food.

Choose Pet Foods that Sooth

Canned cat food for sensitive stomachs contains no allergens like soy, wheat or artificial additives. They contain only basic wholesome ingredients such as chicken, fish and rice.

For a happy and healthy cat, pet owners should choose food which is higher in meat, with fewer fillers and no artificial additives. Cats with sensitive stomachs need basic nutritious ingredients that will keep your pet healthy and happy.