Couple Buying House in PerthYou’ve spent enough time living in your property that you crave for change. You have the option of building your own home, buying one that’s already there, or simply renovating what you have. The biggest question is what sets them apart from each other, and which would be the best option for you?

Build – Building your own home is a dream that not many can easily achieve. It requires a hefty budget, planning and consulting with experts, and can demand a sizeable amount of your time to observe its development. It does give you complete freedom because you are literally starting from the ground up. You have full control, which is often limited only by your budget. Though you would need permits and a good construction firm to make this work.

Renovate – If building or buying seems too daunting, renovating might be more practical and economical. If your granny flat is merely suffering from age but has a sturdy frame and foundation, it would be better to fix and extend it. In fact, getting your Perth home a new granny flat is still a less time-consuming choice. The worst-case scenario would involve you looking for a temporary rental while major repairs and changes are being made on your flat.

Buy – Buying a home cost far less than putting up your own. It does require you to invest time in planning and researching. You would need to find a place that is suitable to your working and living habits without compromising your accessibility. In addition, you would need to invest time and wisdom to plan how to bring your whole life with you to your new home.

Your home is only as worthy as the personal investment you have placed on it. It’s entirely your choice what to do with the time and money you have. Once you've made a choice, the planning, money, and efforts you've put to improve your living conditions will be worth it.