Pest Control in AucklandYou might not be the only one living in your home. It can be frustrating when you drop food on the floor and a few seconds later, ants have already set up camp. They can bite you and simply spoil all the food you are keeping in your pantry. When their numbers have reached dangerous levels, it might be necessary to take action.

While you can simply call pest control in Auckland to fix things, you may want to see what you can do first to stop ants from entering your house. Here are some natural solutions to prevent ants from staying in your living space.

Lemon or Vinegar

You do not have to hurry to the store just to find ant repellents. There may already be some in your kitchen. Ants dislike anything that smells like citrus or tastes sour. They try to stay away from them as much as possible. Using lemon peels blended with water, you may protect entry points such as windowsills or doorways. Mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle and start applying your homemade solution all over the place.

Powder or Spices

If you do not wish to use any liquid, you may also use talcum powder. Powder removes the lines ants follow, and causes them to become disoriented. It may be dangerous, however, to scatter powder on the floor because it may cause slip and fall. Others use spices such as pepper or salt to discourage ants from frequenting the pantry. If you wish to keep your home and your garden free of ants, plant mint.

Ants attack your home because you have food stored in it. Protecting the entry points with things that irritate them may result in an ant-free home.