London can be quite an expensive city, and your bills can easily rack up if you are not careful. While it has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe and in the world, there are still ways to live in this city on a budget. All you need is to discipline yourself so you will not spend too much and know a few tips.

Here are a few ideas to living on a budget in this big city. From finding cheap student accommodations in London to looking for budget-friendly restaurants, we have you covered.

Bring Your Student Card Everywhere

Being a student in London has many perks, so be sure to bring your student card wherever you go. You can get discounts at the movie house, free tickets at museums, more affordable tickets when riding buses and trains, half-price meals at most restaurants, and even deals in some banks. Make the most of these while you are still a student because you will definitely miss such perks once you start working in London.

Get a Bike


This applies to students and adults, as well. Ride a bicycle instead of hopping on the tube or bus. You can save a lot of money, and you could help contribute to Mother Nature by not patronising these smoke-emitting vehicles.

Moreover, biking has many benefits. Aside from getting a good tan, you will also build your resistance by working out often. Yes, biking is a good form of exercise, and it is incredibly simple and fun.

Go to Free Shows Instead of the Bar

Bars and drinks in London can be expensive. Instead of going on a night out at a bar, spend your time at free shows with your friends to save money. There are tons of free events — art shows, musical gigs by some of the best indie bands, film viewings, and many more — to enjoy in London. Yes, these are all free, so who needs a bar when you can have all these happening around you for free?

Get a Roommate

If you are living alone in a quite spacious flat, then go ahead and get a roommate to cut your rent in half. Living alone can be impractical at times, which is why you should ask a friend if they want to move in with you, as long as they agree to split the bill.

Check the property and ask your landlord if it would be okay for you to get a roommate. Get someone you can truly trust, though. They should be someone you know well, as getting a stranger for a roommate is kind of a huge leap you might not want to take. Well, that is still fine, but you have to do some thorough screening.

Always choose to go for the cheap alternative rather than going all out with your expenses. You definitely can live your best London life, as long as you are wise enough and you follow these tips. Enjoy and always make sure to keep those tabs in control.