Car buyers could find a purely electric SUV for as low as $68,000 from Kia dealers in Auckland, Wellington or other cities in New Zealand.

The South Korean car company recently launched two variants for its Niro EV model, which is touted as the most affordable vehicle of its kind. The EX 289 and EX 455 variants cost $67,990 and $73,990, respectively. While gas-powered vehicles still comprise the majority of cars in the country, you could still find a decent number of choices for electric automobiles. Remember that owning an electric vehicle does have its fair share of advantages and drawbacks.

Cost of Ownership for Electric Cars

The most obvious benefit of owning an electric car over involves savings on fuel expenses, as opposed to conventional vehicles. If you drive a battery-powered vehicle for around 12,500 kilometres per year, you could only spend $500 on maintenance expenses. Another person who owns a diesel- or gas-powered car would spend $2,500 for the same number of driven kilometres.

Your actual spending will largely depend on the distance that you travel, as well as the price of charging the batteries. As an example, a 30-kilometre drive each day would be equal to $0.30 per litre of fuel. The usual cost of recharging batteries on a ChargeNet station reaches around $0.25 per minute with an extra $0.25 per kWh. Some models may only require you to spend around $3 for an overnight recharge, which would be good for 100 kilometres

Since electric cars don’t need diesel or gas, you also do not have to maintain engine parts by using oil or grease. Electric vehicles would seldom require service from a car shop, as long as you buy one from legitimate dealers.

Where to Buy Vehicles

Electric car charging

Auckland is one of the best cities to buy not only an electric vehicle, but also a second-hand car. If you don’t like a lot of competition from other buyers, avoid buying during summer months. Otherwise, you should expect prices to increase in this season because of the higher demand. Those who end up buying a used non-electric car should take note if the vehicle has a Warrant of Fitness or a Certificate of Fitness for bigger models like motorhomes.

If you could wait for a bit longer, Kia plans to release two new electric vehicle models in 2021. The average price for its older models could depreciate by that year. It’s still possible to find a reasonable price for the current models. Some Kia dealers in Auckland may offer a discount for bundled purchases, which may comprise of insurance and the vehicle itself.

Electric cars in New Zealand require a higher upfront cost for Kiwis because it’s possible to buy a brand new non-electric vehicle for $30,000. A second-hand vehicle will most likely cost less than this amount. Whether you plan to buy Kia’s new electric vehicle or an older model, you should only do so from authorised dealers especially if you decide to buy a used car.