removing wisdom toothWisdom teeth are among the most common concerns for people of all ages, specifically those in their late teens and early to mid-twenties. There are many reasons to remove wisdom teeth; with impaction and gum disease among the chief reasons behind most extractions. In some cases, treatment is also essential if the jaw does not provide sufficient space for extra set of molars.

When Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary

A wisdom tooth that does not match the jaw will often require extraction. This is because when the tooth emerges, chances are it will not fit and may stay impacted. This is the reason behind most wisdom tooth pain. Because an impacted tooth is more difficult to remove, you may be at risk for serious complications during surgery.

When not removed, the situation may lead to the following:

  • A cyst may develop around your wisdom tooth. This may affect jawbone and cause further pain and damage, resulting in complex dental treatment to alleviate symptoms.
  • A cavity can develop in the tooth near the affected area. If it is not addressed early on, the cavity may become worse and cause damage to or loss of other teeth.
  • The gums surrounding your wisdom teeth may loosen. Because the gums are not that secure around the wisdom teeth, there’s greater risk for bacteria growth and consequently, an infection. Some patients feel swelling in the gums and movements in the teeth, but this isn’t the actual case; these sensations only stem from issues with the surrounding gum.
  • Actual wisdom teeth pain. As mentioned, this happens when there’s impaction in the wisdom teeth. This will result in infection that pain will eventually worsen until such time that you would no longer be able to tolerate it. In some cases, people who put off treatment undergo a high-risk surgery because of the severe damage in other teeth.

It is advisable that you visit your dentist once your wisdom teeth emerge so they can better assess your dental health. With their recommendations, you’ll be able to know if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.