BrandingIn branding, there are three golden rules: create a promise, express the core values of your organization, and be consistent. They’re the key to incorporate emotions and define the character of your company. Instead of being just another venture on the market, your business becomes a brand.

As you want to spark some interest toward your business, you have to give your customers something to hope for; a promise that they cling on and expect to get in return. To make your company easily relatable, it must qualities consumers can associated themselves with. From large-scale banners to trade show booth displays, you have to be consistent with your messaging across the board to make your marketing effective.

While all brands adhere to these rules, the successful ones go beyond them. If you simply stick to these guidelines, your efforts wouldn’t bear fruit, explains

Make Your Promise

Deliver what you promise to induce brand loyalty. If you’d keep giving empty words, you’d only win the trust of customers the first time, but lose them for good after.

The key is to do exactly what you say. Customers were sold because of the assurance your brand gives; so expect them to expect you to fulfill whatever you promise to deliver to begin with.

Live Your Values

Use your product and service to be a testament of your values. If you announce to the world that your brand is green, make sure your business has minimal impact on the environment. You have to walk the talk to convince customers what brand is you say it to be.

Values are abstract ideas, but products and services provide tangible benefits. Your mission is to make customers see exactly the set of qualities your brand projects through your offerings.

Be Out-Of-The-Box

Being consistent with your branding doesn’t mean you only have to conform. At times, trying unconventional ways to market your brand has a more powerful effect.

Sometimes, you have to let your imagination run wild to come up with fresh avenues to capture the hearts of customers. Coke’s “Drinkable Advertising” is the exemplary extraordinary campaign.

Branding is all about learning the rules and using them as a guide to transcending to new heights. If you succeed in this, your brand might be the next Apple or Google.