unhealthy food

There are extreme cases of picky eaters who only eat one type of food for each meal. Some have an unhealthy habit of eating burgers or pizza. Without fail. Others refuse any kind of vegetable because they’ve had a bad experience as a child.

It might not even be actual food; someone could be consuming too many cans of soda every day. Continue down this path, and you’re putting yourself at risk of heart attack and other serious diseases.

Now, you may think you’re not that severe, and your indulgence in a burger three times a week seems mild, but think again. When you’re eating the same thing, these things happen:

1. You’re putting strain on your veins.

It’s not a problem if you’re eating a balanced diet every meal, but that’s usually not the case. Picky eaters tend to gravitate towards salty or sweet food loaded with fats. These fats accumulate in your body, and they may even line your veins, which has an impact in your blood flow throughout the body.

Ask any member of the cardiology department in Heber hospitals, and you’ll get the same answer: it’s not healthy for the body to consume junk food every meal, especially if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle.

That stressful job doesn’t help when stress eating becomes your form of release. It all leads to one thing: serious health problems.

2. Your body develops allergies.

stomach pain

Sure, you eat a handful of vegetables when they’re in front of you. You don’t necessarily ask for them yourself, and you avoid them as much as you can even if you’re not fully opposed to their taste. But for most days, you still choose pizza without any green toppings on it.

Here’s something you might not know: when you eat too much of something, your body may develop an allergy to it. Because of the ingredients in it, pizza can become addictive. Now, imagine if you have allergies to something your body craves often.

Even worse, the allergy may manifest in a delayed manner. Though it’s a rare condition, there’s no knowing who will develop it. You get sick hours after you’ve eaten, which makes it more difficult to think of food being the culprit.

3. You develop a nutrient deficiency.

You don’t look sick, but you might have a nutrient deficiency. A balanced diet is important because it fulfills your recommended daily intake of different food groups. Your body needs carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals to be in top shape.

Just because you’re getting enough calories from your cheeseburger every lunch doesn’t mean you can forget about the other vitamins you’re not getting. You won’t lose weight drastically because of your fat-loaded food consumption, but you’re not giving your body the required nutrients for it to keep you from getting sick.

Your dull hair, skin, and nails are visible clues. Are you feeling constipated? Your body might be telling you that you need more fiber.

We take so much from the food we eat. Depending on what you choose to consume, you can either be healthy and energized or addicted to unhealthy food and suffering silently.