As more food enthusiasts crave for better food service, restaurants and caterers became more eager to find dependable and quality suppliers. After all, their business is all about stocking up high quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and other edible products. Finding a good supplier and making sure that things are delivered on time allow the chef to focus on doing his job. Wilson’s Fresh Produce offers a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing the right wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier.

wholesale fruit and vegetable

  • First, make sure that the company delivers quality groceries. Old stock will not supply enough nutrients to diners and will have to be thrown away. Ask a potential supplier where they get their produce. Make sure they understand that the supplies have to last for several days or even a week, depending on use and requirement.
  • Examine the produce thoroughly and keep an eye on the price. Low prices can sometimes mean that a customer is buying substandard stock.
  • Check how often the suppliers get their produce and where they buy it. If they don’t buy often, they may have old stock which will not maintain quality standards.
  • There are occasions when even fruit and vegetable wholesale suppliers suffer from disruption in supply. They should have backup sources from where they can get the ingredients. It’s a customer’s responsibility to have a couple of other vendors to do business with. There are companies that deal with regular foods and specialty items. Getting backup sources for both is a good idea.
  • Talk to suppliers regularly to make sure they’re aware of your needs. Getting advice and other tips will also help make them feel important. These vendors not only supply fruits and vegetables, but they also offer suggestions on enhancing a menu based on seasonal items. Such advice and interest on the part of a supplier makes customers feel valued. Also, it would help save money in the long run.
  • New businesses can start building up their list of suppliers by going to local stores first and checking out the produce. Others start by shopping at farmer’s markets to get fresh and organic produce and signing up with growers for a steady supply.