Car AccidentWhen involved in a vehicle accident, you have to know what to do right after it happens. If you happen to be too distraught or may even be in shock during the event, however, it’s best to have a copy of an auto emergency preparedness form inside your glove compartment or on your mobile phone for easy accessibility.

Here are the things that should be in the list.

To-Do List – This contains the actual emergency response checklist that you should complete first and foremost. The actual list can have as much as two pages worth of instructions or just a 7-point concise list of reminders that you need to follow to the letter. You can actually read through the longer versions and keep the critical information in mind then have a shorter version in the actual auto accident preparedness kit.

Contact Number List – You will need this list in your phone or on a separate sheet in your wallet. This should contain all possible emergency assistance contact numbers that you can call in case of an auto accident. Details such as medical assistance, police numbers, fire rescue and personal contact numbers such as your attorney, insurance company and preferred car towing service should all be included.

Accident Details List – Here is where you list down all the details of the accident. In the event that you cannot personally do it, have anyone who has arrived to help you assist you in filling up the details. It also has a diagram of a street or roadway where you can draw your accident scene. Answer all questions from how you experienced and viewed the accident and avoid asking the other driver for their accounts to keep your version as unadulterated as possible.

Though it’s best that you never have to use the form at all, it’s still best to be always prepared no matter what. Having the right information during this critical time can be a matter of life and death, after all. Take the time to have a checklist and make a copy for each of your loved one.

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