garden designSome of the trends and innovations of the decade are redefining every aspect of gardening in Australia. These trends, in fact, are changing the way you live and connect with other people.

This decade is all about balance and details. Take a look.

Personalised Curb Appeal

A front yard could be very appealing if it goes beyond the lawn and decorative walkways. Whether you choose materials of different height or a small water feature, the trend is to customise the garden according to the features of your home and your personality.

Anything goes. It is okay to tick that challenge box with horticulturists, because gardeners today love anything that is high maintenance and a bit of a challenge. Make sure, though, that you hire a residential garden maintenance expert to make your curb truly appealing.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Patios, decks, and terraces — outdoor entertainment spaces are the trend as well. More people are selecting sturdier furnishings for the areas, as well as fade-resistant upholstery. Many homeowners are adding a nice barbecue, while others are ramping up their kitchens with appliances specifically designed for use outdoors. Pergolas planted with flowering vines are also growing in popularity.

Lavish Water Features

Water features are still popular, especially those that look more resort-like. But more homeowners are installing salt-water pools to lessen the need for chlorine. Others go for natural pools with plants and rocks that clean the water. Some go for small fountains.

Attracting Bees

This decade is all about bees. Bees are inspiring Australians to plant more pollen-rich flowers and trees to provide safe shelters for these buzzing insects. Also, bees add pleasant outdoor sounds and smells from plants, flowers, and herbs.

Green Gardening

Greenness is the key to making a home look homey and inviting. Many homeowners are beginning to plant vegetable and herb beds to grow their own food. Drip irrigation systems are also the trend, as these systems conserve water better than sprinkles.

These trends in gardening are like the latest trends in the world of fashion — some will work for you, and others simply will not. These trends are also proof that gardening really keeps evolving.