Starting a Hospitality BusinessOperating a business in the hospitality industry is one of the most exciting and lucrative business activities you can get into. Whether you have a simple bed and breakfast or a large hotel, you have to know some of the basic necessities to keep your customers happy.

Well-trained staff

Many hotel guests are turned off by the staff’s attitude or lack of training. This is something you can’t hide or just “wing”. Your people need the right training. Customer service is something they should learn and live. Be prepared to have to entertain problematic guests; only trained staff can handle them. If your people do not have the right training, you risk turning off even the most agreeable of guests.


Every traveler uses the web, especially business executives who have to keep working even when they’re away from the office. It’s for this reason that your hospitality business needs an Internet connection. E-Communication & Networking cites that Internet for motels and other such businesses is typically free and available wirelessly (Wi-Fi) these days. Make sure that you offer web access, or you might be turning away half the guests who visit your business.


Of course, if it’s a bed and breakfast, that’s part and parcel of what you offer. But whatever it is you have, think about offering food, particularly breakfast. Many tourists would rather get a free or cheap breakfast if they’re saving their money for the attractions in your area. A simple plate of bacon and eggs or something homemade is a nice thing to wake up to.


Know how much the same businesses charge in your area. See if you can charge less for offering the same things. If you can, do so. There’s nothing better than a good bargain. When you post your prices online, people will compare them with others. If they see that you have lower prices for roughly the same amenities, you are more likely to be chosen.

Running your own hospitality business is an exciting idea. You can even live onsite, as in the case of the bed and breakfast model, and interact with guests as if they’re visitors you already know.