Dentist holding a mirror for a dental patientThe importance of keeping teeth and gums in great health and how this benefits other areas of a patient’s health can’t be emphasised enough. That’s why finding a great dentist in Mackay that understands and meets a patient’s dental needs is so important.

Patients in need of a dentist in Mackay have many to choose from, including Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, which provides effective treatments by trusted dental professionals. Here are a few things patients can expect from their dentist.

Treatment and care

Patients can expect a range of services to be provided by their Mackay dentist, from routine check-ups and fillings to root canals and dental implants. They can also look forward to cosmetic treatments to enhance their smile.

Modern dentistry is about more than caring for a patient’s dental health, it is also about putting them at ease so they have a positive dental experience whenever they come in to see the dentist. Patients should therefore always expect to be spoken to with respect and have their treatment fully explained to them, with time for questions too.

Up to date knowledge

For any reputable dentist in Mackay keeping up to date with continued advances in dentistry is key to providing patients with modern dental care. Dental professionals will regularly complete training to keep up with changing standards and new innovations.

A focus on prevention

It’s proven that good oral hygiene habits such as daily brushing and flossing can help prevent problems with future oral health, such as gum disease and tooth decay. A dentist in Mackay can advise patients on how to do this at home, including providing information on diet and nutrition. The dental hygienist also has a big role to play by providing patients with cleaning, scaling and polishing of their teeth to remove harmful plaque and tartar.

When dental disease does take hold, a dentist in Mackay can spot the early signs at a patient’s routine check-up. This ensures prompt and effective treatment, so patients can avoid more costly and involved interventions. This ultimately gives patients the best chance of holding onto their natural teeth for as long as possible.