dnaFact: Do you know that an estimated 69% of husbands who have cheated on their wives never thought they would cheat — ever? If you are reading this right now, chances are you have a nagging suspicion that your husband might be cheating on you.

DNAplus.com lists five signs that may indicate your husband is having an affair.

Sudden Distance

And this doesn’t mean space, though that may be as sign as well. One the most common signs of infidelity is emotional distance, because it’s difficult to emotionally invest or connect with two persons at the same time. Most men cannot handle the guilt of betrayal so they put up a shield lest you see right through them.

Guilty Behavior

When your husband showers you with lavish gifts or affection that is so out of his character, better think twice. Some husbands on the other hand avoid their wives by evading communication and eye contact because they are hiding something.

Unusual and Secretive Behavior

Look for behavior that has mysteriously and abruptly changed. This can include guarding his phone and computer, phone conversations in hushed tones, and sudden unavailability at work among others.

Change in your Sex Life

This can go both ways. Either your husband suddenly wants more sex since studies show that an affair can increase sex drive or your husband miraculously abstains from having sex with you because he is getting it from someone else.

Before you go all “First Wives Club” on your husband or get the divorce papers drawn up, take into account that if you have detected these signs, it does not automatically mean that you have a Jesse James or Bill Clinton as a husband. These behavioral signs only indicate cheating if they are considered a deviation from your husband’s otherwise predictable behavior.

On the other hand, if you really want proof of infidelity, consider a DNA testing for infidelity and then confront your husband. If he is not cheating, it’s still better to resolve your marital issues the soonest time possible to avoid infidelity in the future.