a pile of batteriesDeveloping durable and highly efficient battery packs is turning out to be a rapidly spreading trend that battery manufacturers are capitalizing on. Moreover, commercial and industrial businesses, as well as personal users, are gravitating toward using batteries that assure a reliable source of power.

Benchmark Minerals’ listed event, The 2018 Cobalt Institute Annual Conference, shows that manufacturers are still investing in research to understand how much they can design their battery packs for use in diverse applications.

Without a doubt, all this is working to the advantage of the end user. But, what exactly do cobalt-based battery packs offer?

Increased Useful Life

Regardless of the battery cells you plan to use, having one that assures you of an extended lifespan is usually the best option. But, with the numerous brands of battery packs in the market that are pretending to be genuine manufacturers, it becomes a little challenging to know which products will be worth purchasing. Safety is also a critical element that you can compromise easily and quickly if you use poorly designed battery packs.

Enhanced Portability

With the rapid increase in the use of portable powered gadgets today, having a portable power source is a near-must requirement. As cobalt-based battery packs are high-power energy storage devices, they’re fast becoming the go-to option for manufacturers of these portable powered gadgets to develop reliable battery packs as accessories.

Inferences and projections from The Cobalt Conference 2018 show that most battery packs that use cobalt are small and lightweight. The batteries also have a high tolerance to changes in temperature and movement and can maintain their functionality even under extreme conditions.

Equally, these batteries have a short recharging time than ordinary batteries, and that allows users to enjoy a portable power source. What more besides improved efficiency, extended lifespan, and enhanced portability would you want from a typical battery pack?