Fun in business travelThe life of an Australian business traveller can be stressful. You have to fly for hours to close important deals, spend a few nights in a faraway city alone and handle airport-related inconveniences. Being a road warrior has many perks, but this lifestyle has a lot of challenges as well.

While several headaches come with the territory, you ought to make your journey fun at the very least. Eliminating all the possible nuisances you have control over is the ultimate equaliser of the downside of taxing business travels.

Get these three covered, you’d be on your way to a fun trip:


By all means, your home away from home is paramount. If you choose the right type of lodging, your travel wouldn’t be a living hell.

Of all the accommodation options available, says most smart corporate travellers choose serviced apartments in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or any other major city in the country. Hotels and motels are the traditional choice, but the number of business tourists who love the idea of staying in a homely space with housekeeping services is growing.

Serviced apartments combine maximum comfort and privacy in ways other types of accommodation can’t.


Bringing the right stuff with you makes travelling less difficult. Picking a carry-on bag over your suitcase not only makes travelling light possible, but also spares you from the outrageous costs of checked baggage.

While learning the art of packing is a must to magically compress everything in a smaller luggage, knowing the things that come with your reserved room is the key to minimise the essentials you need to bring.


Just because it’s a business travel doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with play. If you have the time and energy, make the most of the opportunity to experience the local culture. Spend your leisure time with controls to avoid compromising your business itinerary.

Business travelling in Australia can be a gruelling and exciting experience. Do whatever you can to balance things out and enjoy every minute of your visit.