visa application typewrittenUK Visas and Immigration is the agency responsible for the administration aspects of UK borders. They work with people who want to gain entry to the UK for work or to visit. They also support educational or professional institutions who want to sponsor people from other countries. Finally, they consider applications from foreign nationals who want to become UK citizens. All of this revolves around various visa applications. Some people make direct applications while others use the services of an immigration solicitor in London or elsewhere.

Whilst is can feel daunting for people to face the bureaucracy surrounding some visa applications, the system is designed to help those who have genuine claims if it is approached in the right way. Professional assistance from an immigration solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, can make all the difference to those who want to navigate the system quickly and efficiently.

UK Visas and Immigration supplies the following information to people both inside and outside of the UK:

UK visa requirements

Some people from outside the UK are able to enter without a visa. This currently includes many countries from the EU and EEA as well as some additional commonwealth countries like Botswana and Papua New Guinea. Citizens of another tier of countries can enter the UK without a visa as long as they are staying less than six months. This includes the USA, Australia and parts of South America. Most other foreign nationals require a visa. The law in this area can be quite complex and it changes frequently. UK Visas and Immigration is the best source of the most up to date information;

Application process

The application process varies from visa to visa as do the processing times. People might be required to produce certain types of evidence to support their visa application. Information on all of this can be accessed through UK Visas and Immigration or with the help of an immigration solicitor in London;

Applying for citizenship

There are some set criteria that need to be met in order to apply for British citizenship. This often includes an English language test and a Life in the UK test. People can check what is required through UK Visas and Immigration.