Volkswagen Cars and what you need to knowVolkswagen has been known to produce some of the most iconic rides of all time. From their beetle car to their Samba-bus, this vehicle brand has cemented its name in the industry. This is probably the reason many car collectors and enthusiasts are dreaming of owning a classic Volks ride. More than just its style and class, there’s a certain prestige one can get from owning one.

That’s why if you’ve taken an interest in owning a Volkswagen, here are some of the things you need to know.

Repairs Can Be Done at Any Auto Shop

Volkswagen is a German brand, so many people assume that its maintenance and inspection can only be done through a VW repair shop. The truth is any auto service shop can perform it. As long as they are certified and fully licensed, you can entrust your Volks to their hands.

One thing you must remember upon owning a Volks, however, is that the parts or accessories may cost more compared to their local counterparts. As these are usually imported from overseas, you may need to shed a few more bucks. The good thing is, these are well worth it since you can use them for years (with proper use and maintenance).


VW is Discontinuing the Beetle Car Production

Sad as it may sound, but Volkswagen has confirmed that they are stopping the production of their iconic beetle car in the summer of 2019. Fortunately, you still have time to buy yourself one. In case you can’t afford to purchase a brand new one before it’s completely phased out, you could get a second-hand.

The good news about this is, although the parts are often imported from Germany, you’ll feel rest assured that they would last. You’re only paying for the price and quality of parts you’re going to order.

The Iconic Front Trunk for Beetle Car

Other than its unique form, one of the most iconic things about the beetle car is its quirky trunk. Instead of having it at the back, the trunk is at the front. In other words, it follows the unusual rear-engine design that is only adopted by a few vehicle models, such as the Karmann Ghia (a Volkswagen model) as well as the ZAZ Zaporozhets series (a Russian brand).

Although it is designed that way, it still runs effortlessly as long as it is properly maintained. It can also load up a decent amount of cargo, so there’s nothing to be worried about.

Volkswagen is Just Like Any Type of Car

Volkswagen is a truly unique brand, but there’s nothing you should fear about it. Like any vehicle out there, it follows the usual car service principles. From checking the engine occasionally and doing an oil change to maintaining the fluid levels and wheel alignment, things are virtually the same. Except with its parts, there’s nothing unusual about its maintenance so you could practically perform a normal car service.

May this information help you in understanding more about your Volkswagen car. Although its models are designed uniquely, every single one of them is the same in all sense. If there’s one thing you must remember about Volks, it’s they require the same amount of care and maintenance just like every car out there.