AdWords PPC campaignYou’ve already determined the keyword groups to use for your AdWords campaigns, but nothing seems to be working in your favor. It’s not always the keywords that are causing you to fail. They may do their job right, but if your landing page is not encouraging visitors to buy, it’s not right to blame AdWords for it.

Check that these are not problems on your landing page:

Missing call to action

AdWords helped you attract potential customers who were looking for something on Google using a keyword you chose. They clicked on the ad and landed where you want them. It’s now up to your call to action to do its job and tell them what the next step is, say AdWords specialists in Denver. However, if your call to action is hard to locate, or worse, if you don’t have any at all, site visitors will simply leave and go somewhere else.

Too much information

Let’s admit it: no one wants to read a novel when searching for cheap flights, for instance. Those who need emergency plumbing services already know what they need, and they just want to find your business number. Filling the landing page with paragraph after paragraph of text-heavy information is a turn-off. Your idea might be that this will tell customers you know what you’re talking about, but this is the wrong way to show expertise.

Not having the right information

So you’ve cut back on the content you have on the landing page. It looks pretty well balanced, and you’ve got a high-quality image to boot. How relevant is the information to your customers, though? If they were searching for cheap shoes and you direct them to your most expensive footwear, there is a disconnect. They will be annoyed instead of eager to buy.

Don’t cancel your campaigns just yet. Check that every important element is working properly, so you’ll see them work in your favor.

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