SEO ExpertGenerating leads is important, but it’s only one piece of a bigger puzzle. Nurturing them for future conversion is one of the pieces of the puzzle that lead to success. Research shows that “61% of B2B marketers funnel their leads to sales, but only 27% of those are qualified.” The goal is to qualify leads further down the buying channel to get a higher conversion rate.

An expert on SEO cites the following ways that allow you to nurture leads successfully:

Targeted Content

You may have heard of targeted content from the content marketing side of your team; you can use the same tactic to nurture leads. Doing so boosts sales opportunities and conversion rates. The content you publish, whether on your blog or social media, must be tailor made for your intended audience. Some of the prerequisites for creating the ideal targeted content are to understand buyer personas. You have to identify and know the quirks, objectives, interests and marketing triggers of the people you want to convert.

Source Blog Topics from Sales Team

A successful organization has different teams connected to each other; you need to help different divisions within your business to create topics for the content you produce. Your sales teams are talking to leads; they have ideas about the needs, concerns, challenges and solutions that your leads are looking for. They can provide you with insights about how you can reach out in a non-sales way. Doing so results in better customer relationships and content that focuses on what they want.

Follow Up

The odds of converting a lead or at least funneling them further down the buying channel increases, when you send timely follow ups. Responding quickly to queries, making a call or sending a follow up email allows you to remain top off mind and nurtures the lead you got. Once you know what the prospect is looking for based on how they respond to emails or their browsing behavior on your website, get in touch immediately.

These are some of the strategies to implement when you want to nurture a lead. Nurturing leads allows you to convert at a higher rate and build a bigger consumer base.