Pest control manMost homes and offices are a haven for cockroaches. They present a place where these pests can get warmth and food, and reproduce all year round.

The battle against cockroaches, however, is inefficient with DIY pest control measures. This is because of their fast breeding cycle, with an incubation period of 40 days in ideal conditions. They are also very resilient pests. Only a commercial pest control company in Salt Lake City or elsewhere can efficiently handle cockroach extermination. Here are some of the methods experts use:

Heat Treatment

This is the ideal extermination method for highly cockroach-infested areas, as it kills cockroaches of all ages. The heat efficiently dries up all moisture in infested regions, destroying the breeding areas. Heat treatment takes a short time, and your premises will be ready for occupation immediately afterwards since it has no toxicity to human life.

Hydramethylnon Baits

These chemical baits in the form of gels are among the most efficient baits for roach extermination. Hydramethylnon baits are safe, odorless, and can be neatly applied in infested areas. The bait is a slow roach killer that makes the pests lethargic and slowly kills them over three to four days. While you might consider this a slow method, it is very efficient since the roaches carry the hydramethylnon back to their colonies, hence killing a larger pest population.

Pyrethrin Dust and Sprays

These chemicals paralyze and kill cockroaches. Pyrethrin dust and sprays act very fast and provide efficient long-term cockroach control. Modern pyrethrin insecticide formulations are very efficient even on seemingly resistant cockroach populations and are non-toxic to human health.

Cockroaches are pests that you cannot just ignore. They can put occupants of infested areas at high risk of dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonella. Increased incidences of childhood asthma and eczema have also been linked to contact with roach droppings.