Gardening in UtahThe winter season has come and gone, and now spring is right around the corner. Every keen gardener is looking forward to this season, to be part of nature’s “renewal”.

Waking up your sleepy garden and transforming it to a glorious plant paradise is more than merely getting soil and seedlings on your land. A lawn care company in Utah,, agrees that planting brings color, vibrancy, and balance to the property.

Prepare your green thumb for a busy season. Put on your gardening gloves and follow these preparations to make your garden bloom this spring.

Spring Clean Winter’s Mess

Set up the garden by cleaning up the debris, leaves and branches that have fallen during the winter. But avoid heavy yard work until the soil dries out. Hard raking damages the new grass shoots, and heavy foot traffic disturbs the soggy soil. Cleaning appropriately encourages grass growth, and prevents pests and plant diseases to settle.

Pull Out Spring Weeds and Mulch Bare Spots

During early spring, weeds are easier to pull out because of their shallow roots. To minimize sprouting of new weeds, cover bare spots with mulch or ground cover. A 3 to 4-inch deep mulch is sufficient to suppress the emergence of wild plants.

Remove Garden Pests

Early days of spring is the perfect time to remove hibernating pests. This can save you a lot of trouble during the peak of spring and summer. The crowns of perennial plants may house slugs and snails that have been sheltering for the winter. Look out for larvae living in compost and eating plant roots.

Clean Garden Tools

Clean out the grime on your tools. Sharpening your tools will improve their performance, making them easier to use and giving cleaner cuts. Don’t forget to give extra attention to sharpening your mower blade, so it would cut – not tear – the grass.

Since plant growth in your garden is at a low point, clearing up your space for spring is easier. These early preparations will benefit you in the gardening season and will reduce your work in the long run.