Gutter System SolutionThere was a time when wood gutters were the “in” thing. Homeowners, going for a rustic look to their outdoors, or just unaware that there were other options, chose to have wooden gutters. The downside of such drains is that as temperatures and weather conditions change, wood expands and contracts.

Consequently, it damages easily. Fortunately, if you are looking for a new rain gutter in Utah, you no longer have to go with wood. Gutter expert Double T. Inc states that when getting an overhaul of the whole system, you can get the channels replaced completely.

That is why it pays to know the types of gutters and the trends so that your choice will be informed. They include:

Fascia gutters

As the name suggests, these gutters attach to a fascia board. Regardless of the types of hangers used with the drains, they will need the board secured to the roof. Fascia gutters are typically customizable, so you can have them made to your preferences.

Half round gutters

Half round gutters are in the shape of a semi-circle. They hang from the roof, which means that they are often visible from a distance of the house. Besides the effect on aesthetics, half round gutters also do not work well. They overflow easily more so if there was a problematic installation, or if the roof is slanted.

K-style gutters

These gutters are usually a ridged crown design, which adds a much-desired sophistication to modern homes. They are universal and drain rainwater efficiently. What’s more, K-style gutters are not easy to overburden with spill offs and debris, making them durable.

When you are having a gutter system installation, have your contractor advice you on the best options to pick. As a rule, inquire about the cleaning and maintenance demands of the gutters. You do not want to spend all your days on the roof whenever it drizzles.