Girl Wearing Her School UniformMost schools in Australia have a dress code or uniform. Uniforms not only connect students to their school within the grounds, but also help in recognition when the students are without. In line with that, it is upon you as a parent to make sure that your child wears the best uniform. Here are a few tips that can help you get maximum value from the attire you choose.

There is always a trade-off between washing frequency versus the cost of the uniform. If you buy more, you will not have to use the washing machine frequently. Here is a suggestion when buying school uniform supplies: to wash only twice a week, buy three sweaters, four pairs of socks, three skirts/shirts and three shirts/polo shirts.


School uniforms come in different fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester and denim. When choosing a fabric, consider its longevity and durability. To make sure that the fabric serves your child for the longest time, get strong high quality material.

Managing Your Budget

In case budget is tight, that does not mean you cannot get a decent school uniform for your kids. Look for a second hand store, especially those owned by the school. You can get a few sets to see you through the next few months of schooling.

Timely Buying Is Critical

As school uniform supplies suggest, you should start buying at least four weeks before the start of the term. If you do it earlier than this, your children may outgrow the uniform even before you know it. Alternatively, if you buy much later, the chances of missing a particular type or size of uniform are higher.

School uniforms are necessary for unity in the school – a sense of belonging they won’t find anywhere else. Depending on the attire you choose, the uniform can either serve its purpose or disappoint you.  Therefore, consider putting some planning when buying school uniform supplies and use the points shared in this article as your guideline.