Professional Driving  LessonThe secret of acing your driving assessment exam lies not only on your skill in maneuvering the steering wheel, but also on your overall knowledge in road and traffic rules.

But, if you think you're not yet fully prepared about it, here are some no-sweat hacks to help you get there:

Keep on Practicing

According to, it is necessary for soon-to-be drivers to have at least about 45 hours of professional driving training and 22 hours of self-practice. This can further hone your skills, as well as provides better experience and understanding when it comes to driving and road safety.

Do a Warm Up

Just like when you're exercising, you also need a proper warm up right before your exam starts. Book a lesson nearby a day or hours before your appointed time to condition your mind and body. This is definitely the best way to keep yourself ready to any type of obstructions you may possibly encounter during the test.

Calm Your Nerves

Don't let nervousness eat you up. The moment you give in to this type of feeling, it's all over for you. Take deep breaths and try to be relaxed. Avoid announcing it to many people to take off the pressure of many people on your shoulder. Stay calm and try to remember all the things you've learned on your actual and online driving course.

Drive Comfortably

During the test, be sure to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Feel free to adjust your seat based on what makes you comfortable. If you feel like something's wrong or a bit confused about the controls, don't be shy to ask the examiner about it. Remember that your overall safety is the key.

Remember these strategies and you’ll surely pass the driving test. Along with these, be sure to keep your eyes on the road and be attentive on what’s going on around you.