CarThe used car market improved a lot in the past few years—and it is still improving. For one, newer car models are better in quality and durability. This means you have better chances of getting a used car that can last for several more years.

Shopping for used vehicles has also become easier. Most car dealerships in Arkansas offer free car history reports and a warranty. Manufacturers also have “certified” used-car programs where cars must pass a series of inspections before it becomes certified and given a fresh warranty.

Here are three tips to further ensure that you get a good deal:

  • Shop at the right time of the year

Believe it or not, seasonal factors affect the car trade. Bargains abound only in specific months. Buy during the peak months for sales of new cars.

This gives you lots of used cars at competitive prices to choose from. Car dealerships in Arkansas are clearing out the inventory to make space for new models. They will be keen to give you a good deal.

  • Know the car’s market value

Do your research and get a good idea of what the car is worth so you can negotiate better. Compare cars with the similar model, mileage and condition. Narrow your options to three vehicles. Getting a good deal doesn’t just mean saving some bucks, but also being happy with your purchase.

  • Get an independent inspection

While many car dealerships offer free vehicle history report, an independent inspection is worth it. No used car is perfect. Having a certified mechanic inspect the car can save you from making a big mistake.

You want a car that is in good condition, so make sure to do all the necessary inspections. To guide you, make a list of car parts to check. Never forget to test drive.

Get a sense of the seller

It is best to research a dealer’s reputation. Good dealers would want to make a lasting relationship with their customers. Car servicing and buying can be a recurring event, so it’s smart to know who to trust the moment you buy your first car.

Getting a good deal can be easy. With these tips, get the best used car and feel satisfied with your purchase.