Wooden DoorInterior design is among the hottest trends right now. One of the aspects of your property’s interior that will affect your overall look is the doors. A beautiful and well-installed door will make a quiet but significant difference despite its subtlety.

Wooden doors are a perfect choice since they stand out and will match any theme you aim to create. There are various types of interior timber doors you can choose from depending on your budget and needs. Here are some of the wooden doors you can choose from.

Solid Wood Doors

These are the ideal choice for those looking for a traditional look since they look natural and warm. Solid wooden doors are made from various materials ranging from mahogany, walnut, cherry, and juniper to pine hence they have varying prices.

They are the most expensive interior doors but offer superior temperature and sound insulation. Solid wood doors expand and shrink based on humidity and temperature changes and are hence not ideal for bathrooms.

Solid-Core Doors

These doors have the same sound and temperature insulation properties like solid wood doors though they come at a lower cost.

Solid-core doors are built with an exterior moulded composite or plywood then filled with wood fibre to mimic the sturdiness of solid doors. They also come in diverse designs to suit virtually all preferences.

MDF Doors

Manufacturers make these doors from an engineered wood material known as medium density fibreboard (MDF). The material is extremely durable and affordable and resistant to shrinking and warping. The surface of an MDF door is also smooth and trouble-free to paint.

Instead of opting for the same wooden door type throughout your interiors, mix and match the above doors. Solid wood doors, for instance, would be the perfect choice for bedrooms where privacy and comfortable temperatures are a requirement. MDF doors, on the other hand, can be used in bathrooms.