White cargo van

Cargo vans are an essential part of most businesses today owing to the push towards convenient delivery services. There are different types of cargo vans available, but few match the Sprinter van. Other than bountiful storage space, the van is easy to manage and needs minimal repairs, explains the experts at Warner Vans of Utah, who offer sprinter service and repairs in the state. The minimal maintenance will however only follow the optimal servicing of the van.

There are different categories of a sprinter service at a Utah-based dealership. One of the crucial ones is an oil change service. There are several elements which determine the best oil type for you van including your climate, engine’s age and your driving habits. After picking the right oil for your van keeping up with its change schedule is essential. Here are the different oil types, what they provide your vehicle and their recommended change intervals.

Premium Conventional Oil Service

Every leading oil brand currently has a service level product available in different viscosities. The oil comes in three ratings including 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. Though most car manufacturers will recommend the 10W-30, all these ratings can cover any sprinter van which handles light work. Premium conventional oil should ideally be changed after every four months or once you clock 4000 miles. The absolute minimum oil change minimum is twice annually.

Full Synthetic Oil

This is designed for high-tech engines. Full synthetic oils pass through various rigorous tests which guarantee that they will last for an extended period and offer superior performance. They also have optimal flow and maintain their lubricity even at high engine temperatures. A fully synthetic oil change service is recommended after clocking 7500 miles.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This comprises synthetic oil blended with organic oil and formulated for the protection of your engine when handling heavy loads and under high temperatures. This means that synthetic blend oil is less volatile compared to other options. It will hence evaporate at a slower rate which in turn reduces your oil loss and increases the fuel economy. Though it can last for up to 12000 miles, a synthetic blend oil change is recommended after 5000-7500 miles.

Higher Mileage Oil

Mechanic pouring oil

If you want your sprinter van to last and even run into a six-figure mileage, this is the oil for you. Higher mileage oil is designed for vehicles that have clocked over 75000 miles. The oil contains seal conditioners which will expand and boost your internal engine seals’ flexibility. A 7500-10000-mile interval between your higher mileage oil changes is ideal.

For most people, an oil change service seems unnecessary more so when the engine is still in good shape. The above oil change services are however essential to prevent various engine issues and even more significant problems later. Other than the change service, you should get the oil professionally checked at least twice monthly. These checks ensure the oil level is adequate and it contains no metal particles which could indicate internal engine damage. Your Sprinter van will still be running well even when it reaches such a mileage if you choose the right oil that suits your vehicle.