a family moving in to a new homeYour dreams of building that dream house begin with getting the best possible lot. You need to pick one within your price range and in a location that meets your needs.

If you nurse a dream of putting up a dream house and escaping the landlords, you’re in good company. Owning the roof over the family’s head is a top priority for many Aussies. Unfortunately, not many people get to realise this dream and join the proud class of homeowners.

While some people make significant progress, others run into severe headwinds in their quest to own a home. Making the right pick when browsing through land for sale in Melbourne West is the key to a successful process.

1. Don’t go in over your head.

Sometimes buyers get caught up in a frenzy when buying a lot that they make costly money mistakes. Don’t let this happen to you; don’t fall in love with a lot that is out of your price range. Making an impulsive purchase not only messes with your finances but also your ability to build your dream home.

If you spend most of your money on the lot, you might have to settle for a basic house. It might tie up so much of your money that you have to postpone the building process indefinitely.

2. Pick the location carefully.

Once you’ve bought a lot, you’re also buying into the neighbourhood. Hence, you need to be sure that it is in a place you would love living in. You don’t want to spend a significant portion of your income paying for a home located in a place you dislike.

The best way to get a feel of a location is to make several trips at different times. Examine traffic and noise patterns as well as the amenities nearby. Dig into the crime statistics too, the last thing you want is to be stuck in an area with a high crime rate.

Buying a lot is the first step towards realising your dream of owning a home, and it could make or break your goals. Therefore, you need to make the best pick right off the bat to avoid running into severe headwinds.