beautiful lawn with chairs and tablesYour lawn is the welcoming committee and crowning glory of your property. It sets the mood and gives people something to expect once they get to the interior. That means if your lawn is ill-maintained, it will give the impression that you don’t care about the state of the house.

If that’s not the case, you should change people’s perception of you through the following:

Keep a Healthy, Weed-less Lawn

Weeds will not be kind to your lawn if you don’t proactively check and get rid of them. They grow up so quickly, and they even thrive better than grass and most plants. You’ll need a little help from experts like Greenside Landscaping in the form of yard weed control, which is a pretty common service in Utah, thankfully. Lawn fertilization will also help keep your soil healthy, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Add Flowering Plants

It wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of bloom to the lawn. That doesn’t mean planting shrubs just anywhere, of course. You’ll want a clear perimeter and a neat row of flowering plants that will give the yard a clean and professional look. Do this with the help of landscape artists to fully utilize the space you have. They could also help you choose the right plants according to your area and the seasons.

Have a Clear Pathway

You think a few members of the family won’t do much damage to the grass on your lawn, but wait until you see the grass suffering from the foot traffic. It wouldn’t hurt to set up a paved path so people can have a clear way into the house that does not damage your lawn. Think the simple addition of a pathway won’t be of much help aesthetically? You might just change your mind after seeing these ideas.

Your lawn can be turned into something beautiful and welcoming, but it can also be something lifeless and unappealing. It’s up to you which one you strive to achieve.