a woman holding an apple with a hand on her abdomenSome people would think that “tummy tuck” is a funny word for such a major surgical procedure. But for patients in Utah who struggle with excess fat and low self-confidence, it isn’t funny at all — it’s exactly what they need to get back on their feet.

Here are signs that tummy tuck — medically known as abdominoplasty — is right for you:

When your skin is stretched out.

This problem is common among women after pregnancy. Those nine months of carrying the baby in your womb makes the skin of the stomach stretch. Weeks after giving birth, women will notice that skin doesn’t just shrink back. And no matter how consistent you are in your flat-belly exercises and healthy diet, it just doesn’t seem to change.

In such instances, a tummy tuck can be a good course of action. Cosmetic surgery in Salt Lake City is widely available and Dr. Steven Warnock and his peers are able to provide solutions for people in need of this treatment. These services offer tummy tucks as part of mommy makeovers, which you can consider as well if you want to get that firm and fit body back pre-pregnancy.

When you want to get rid of stretch marks.

While these are often called battle scars of pregnancy, some women get embarrassed by these unsightly marks. Such marks never disappear totally. But they can be reduced with a tummy tuck.

When you have loose skin removed during a procedure, most of the marks will be eliminated as well. Plus, the tummy tuck will create a more sculpted look for your abdomen, which can make the remaining stretch marks less noticeable.

When you have loose abdominal muscles.

Having loose muscles around the abdomen area is common among those who just lost weight by eating fewer calories. If you dropped a few pounds and are consistently sticking to that diet and ab exercises to no avail, a tummy tuck can help.

What the doctors will do is they will separate skin and fat from the muscle and tighten the muscles together at the midline to re-shape and create a toned look for your stomach.

Tummy tucks may just be the right procedure for you. Especially if you’re in good health condition. Consult your cosmetic surgeon to know if you’re qualified for abdominoplasty.