Beautiful woman with collagen mask on face.The Swiss are known for their contributions to technological advancements. They pay close attention to research and development not only for big-ticket items but also for everyday consumer items like skin and hair care.

In 2017, the Swiss market for hair care was valued at $359.2 million. The number is projected to reach $328.5 billion by 2023. This growth is attributed to the market’s high purchasing power and disposable income. There’s also an increasing demand for quality products that contain premium and organic ingredients.

The Market Demands Quality

The Swiss are known for their impeccably made watches and clocks, luscious chocolates and cheeses, and the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss banking industry is also considered the best in the world, preferred by the wealthiest citizens. These may sound common or simple, but these products and services have made the Swiss known all over the world.

While they don’t have a big and booming population, the Swiss demand this kind of high-quality and premium products. They have the money to spend, and they will not settle for sub-par goods. More importantly, they won’t risk putting dangerous ingredients on their hair and skin.

They Only Go for Natural Ingredients and the Best Technology

Personal care is highly important for the Swiss. They read global beauty blogs and follow international products that are making waves in the industry. This has made them aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and additives used in many skin and hair care products. This has made people more open to sharing their experiences with certain products and how shifting to herbal or natural-based ones has made them feel better.

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There is now a heightened awareness on the harmful ingredients that may be inside shampoos, conditioners, sprays, gels and serums. As a response to this demand, the industry has invested more in research and development. They looked at the effectiveness of adding botanicals and other natural ingredients while testing innovative products like ampoules, dry shampoos and hair masks with luxury and premium ingredients. The industry also looked for more vibrant colorants that don’t damage the hair and scalp.

They Don’t Accept Shortcuts

The skin care and beauty industry in other countries focus on delivering fast results with minimal effort; the Swiss are okay with lengthy processes that involve multiple steps. They are not simply content with the shampoo and conditioning process, believing that a good hair care regimen should include cleansing, hydrating, treating and protecting. This, of course, involves using multiple products with varying waiting times. For them, personal care is worth the wait and investment.

Besides hair care products that can be used at home, the Swiss also take the time to go to salons and spas for hair treatments. These include hot oil, keratin and other moisturizing treatments that work to counter the effects of sun exposure, styling and coloring.

The Swiss beauty industry has taken its work seriously and continues to offer top-of-the-line products for hair care and skin care. They have invested billions in research and development and have perfected the use of natural yet premium ingredients in everyday items like shampoos and conditioners. It’s no wonder Swiss brands are among the most respected in the world.