Singapore BusIt may not be as large as other countries, but Singapore is undeniably one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The World Tourism Organization ranked Singapore as the 5th most visited city-state based on their statistics.

It is also the easiest city to get around in since it has different forms of transportation available, giving travellers convenience when exploring the city’s attractions. When travelling to Singapore, taking the bus is the most recommended mode of transportation.

Singapore Buses suggests using Singapore’s bus system as a cost-effective alternative to taxis and other forms of transportation. While taxis are a viable alternative, especially if you’re not quite sure how to get around, taking a bus is a more economical way to travel.

Bus systems in Singapore have a network of extensive routes which covers most places and attractions of the city. You’ll have better chances of seeing the different tourist spots and beautiful architectures surrounding the place, which is ideal for travellers planning on sightseeing.

Taking a bus can also give you the comfort of getting around scenic places, since most buses have air conditioning that’s perfect for a tropical city-state like Singapore. Most people take public transportation, and only a few have their own private cars. This does not make the bus too crowded; every bus has its unique plate for every trip, which can occupy a huge number of passengers.

Other Forms of Transportation

Apart from buses, there are also other options when it comes to public transportation, such as taxis and the train system. Riding taxis can give you the advantage to reach destinations that may not accessible by buses or trains. You can get a taxi ride at most places around the city, particularly in the airport. The cost of your ride depends on the meter though, but you may also get surcharges depending on which taxi company you board.

Riding a train gives you the fastest way to roam around the city. The good thing about using this is that you get a glimpse of the city’s main attractions, which are not that far away from the stations. People can buy a single trip ticket or a stored value one, which allows unlimited rides for a day.

The next time you’re planning to visit South East Asia’s City of Lights, consider taking the bus instead of your usual transportation. Not only will you be saving money for your trip, but you’ll get a feel of the whole city as well.