bikes shopCycling is a common sport in Australia. Bikes are recognized as a useful form of transportation and when the 20th century ushered in, bikes have become more affordable for people. If you have discovered an interest for cycling just now, you need to know the basic gear that will ensure a comfortable and adventurous journey.

Make sure that you have the following essentials.

1. Clothing

Invest in cycling-specific clothing to make your ride comfortable. There are good bike shops in Brisbane City that offer a wide variety of affordable apparel that you can use for your cycling adventure. Experts recommend that when you use cycling shorts; don’t wear undies because chamois, the pad inside the bike shorts must be against the skin to function well. Wearing undies under tight cycling shorts also cause irritation.

It’s also important that you buy cycling jerseys because they will provide ventilation and reduce sweat and moisture in the body. When choosing jerseys, consider the fabric and zipper length.

2. Helmet

Australia employs laws about mandatory bicycle helmet use. Wearing the right helmet will ensure your safety and prevent major head injuries. When buying a helmet, you must check if it passed the consumer safety standards and comfort requirements, such as ventilation and sweat control. It’s also important that the helmet fits right in your head. Measure your head before purchasing the gear.

3. Water bottles and cage

Hydration is important in sustaining the physical activity of the rider and preventing dehydration and cramps. Experts strongly recommend that riders prepare and load water bottles on their bikes before the ride.

Water bottles can either be made of plastic or metal. Plastics are lighter, but if it’s exposed to extremely hot temperatures, it can leak a strange taste into the water. Bottles made of aluminium and stainless steel are heavier, but they are the best containers for acidic drinks, such as fruit juice.

Cycling is a fun activity that requires preparation. Invest in the proper gear so that your safety and comfort are ensured.