TilesDo you want your home’s interiors to look great this 2017? There are many ways to beautify your home at the start of the year. Repainting the spaces and buying new furniture are some examples. You can also incorporate the latest stone and tile flooring trends to your remodeling project, to upgrade your interiors instantly.

Here are a few ideas you can try, to lend a fresh and current look to your interior spaces.

Going Tribal

Recent ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing styles reflect the growing popularity of jewel-toned patterns set against white or ivory backgrounds, reminiscent of tribal aesthetics. Stone flooring systems in Ladera and other nearby areas lend a similar appeal, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want an exotic look for their home.

Going Big

With their ability to reduce grout lines and joints, and  create a neat appearance, using big format tiles and slabs is also a fast-rising stone and tile trend. Choose large tiles in deep hues to lend an elegant look to your space.

Going Natural

Natural stone tiles never went out of style, and homeowners may want to incorporate them into their remodeling arsenal. While they are frequently used as countertops, stone tiles make ideal flooring systems and can even be used in the shower. Easy to clean, durable material can complement a rustic-themed home.

Go Wooden

Hardwood and wood-like flooring is the go-to material for living and dining spaces. If you want the same look for your kitchen, you may choose laminate flooring that still resembles wood, but is resistant to water, and thus, may be easier to clean.

If you aren’t sure about what flooring systems to use when remodeling your house, you may want to try these ideas out. Take your home’s aesthetics to the next level with the latest trends on stone and tile flooring.