Teeth WhiteningMany people are now exploring the possibilities of achieving a brighter smile with a treatment like teeth whitening in Belfast. Some may immediately have questions they want to ask before treatment. For others, however, it’s handy to find out general information so they know the basics before their procedure.

Fortunately, there are common questions that come up repeatedly when people have teeth whitening in Belfast at clinics like Blue Sky Dentistry. Some of these are answered below. A visit to a dental practice is the best way for a patient to get specific information that is relevant to their circumstances.

What can you achieve?

Teeth whitening in Belfast can lighten the appearance of someone’s smile by several shades. The exact effect of a treatment depends on several factors including their starting shade, the cause of the staining or discolouration and the frequency of their whitening treatments

With a quick check, a dentist should be able to give their patient some idea of what to expect from their teeth whitening treatment. They can also usually tell if a patient is presenting with stains that will not respond to the procedure. If this is the case, they can discuss other cosmetic options for improving the appearance of the teeth with them at this point.

Is it safe?

Teeth whitening is a really popular procedure that has been safely performed on millions of people worldwide. There is occasionally some risk of sensitivity during or after a treatment. This is usually temporary and can be reversed by stopping the teeth whitening and/or using additional products that are recommended by a dentist.

How long will the effect last?

The effects are not permanent, but they can last for a long time depending on a patient’s habits. They will be given advice by a dentist on caring for their new, brighter smile once they get home. This will include information about food choices and other lifestyle factors. The patient can also choose to top up their treatment regularly either at a dental clinic or using equipment at home that is supplied by their dentist. They should be able to maintain the effect with diligence and regular attention.