PorchIf you like spending time outdoors, you will definitely love having a porch or patio in your home.

Porches and patios offer a great space for family gatherings or barbecues on a clear day. Urbanhomes.com.au says these home additions can also increase your property value if you decide to sell it in the future.

For small homes, building a porch can be a bit more challenging. Given the limited space, you have less room to work with. Here is a brief guide to help you successfully carry out this home project.

Choosing a design

Porch design is the first and most important element to consider. It has to complement the house’s overall look, since it will be a mainstay feature of your home.

Take a walk around the neighbourhood and get inspiration from the porch designs you will find.  You can also seek an architect’s advice if you want a more professional opinion.

Determining the size

You should determine the size of the porch before making plans. A small house, of course, means a smaller porch. This is why you need a professional because they know how to make the porch appear roomier even with the minimal space.

Front porches provide shelter and an interesting twist to an otherwise typical entryway to the house, but they do not have to be fancy.  Another point to remember is that the building materials should have the same style as the rest of your home.

Decorating the porch

You can install a swing in your front porch or use it to showcase your pots and plants.  It is nice to have porches where you can relax and feel the cool breeze outside.

For your own comfort, you can use sun filters or screens for protection during the day.  The screens also reduce the intensity of the winds.  If you are fond of plants, a trellis with climbing vines is a charming addition, plus they provide privacy as you enjoy your space.