carpetYour carpet floors provide countless benefits for your home. They are comfortable, visually appealing, useful (for heating) and safe.

It is understandable that you would always want to keep them clean—they are the first thing people notice in your home. With this thought, you completely hate it when they are stained and spilled on. Some stains you can clean on your own, but the following, will need professional help.

Emerald Carpet Cleaning enumerates the worst carpet stains you could possibly have.

Red Wine

This alcoholic drink easily seeps into the fibre and may permanently stain your soft flooring if left for a long time.

Expect a visit from a crimson blot on your neat carpet soon if you have daily nightcaps in your living room. Expect it even sooner when you have friends over for a small dinner party with wine to complement the steak or cheese you prepared.


Accidents happen, yes, even in your own home. The haemoglobin in blood acts as a binder upon getting in contact with oxygen, therefore binding with the carpet’s material almost instantaneously.

Trying to clean them off on your own will only worsen the stain, especially if you are unsure of how to do so.


One of the most stubborn stains is that of the bittersweet drink. Its dark colour makes it difficult to get rid of—the older the stain the harder it is to remove as coffee darkens and heats up as it ages. Try as you may, getting the stain completely off your carpet will be nearly impossible.


Like coffee, your pet’s urine stains darken in time and even its odour may remain. Any attempt to remedy it without knowledge or proper practice will only worsen its current state. A pet’s urine differs from a human’s. Theirs is amber-coloured and composed of waste products of protein metabolism.

Aside from the stains and odour, your pet’s secreted waste can risk damaging the floors beneath your carpet.

You may think you have it covered, but you really do not. Why risk damaging your carpet and flooring even more than they already are? It is pointless. Do not let the worst carpet stains get the best of you, instead hire professional help, ASAP.