HandCuffedWhite collar crimes are any non-violent financial crimes. Often, a suspect will not know if they are under investigation. Unless proven guilty, and whether or not the accused is innocent, the person of interest is already now on uneven grounds.

If you feel that you’re under investigation or if one is already in-progress, staying quiet isn’t a good enough option, according to ConnollySuthers — one of the leading law firms in Northern Queensland.

To know more about how to act and what to do at the onset of a white-collar case, then read on.

The Right Reaction

Perception is everything and your primary defence in the face of a white collar crime.

If you’re innocent, act innocent — simple. But, if you have anything to do with the crime, then acting innocent won’t make you innocent. Instead, the right reaction would be to guard up and put on your fighting face. Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself.

  1. Lawyer up – For every action you will do, always consult with your lawyer first. As soon as you learn that you are the subject of a criminal investigation, reach your criminal defence attorney and fast.
  2. Fortify your assets – The worst thing that can happen in any white-collar case is the freezing and seizing of accounts and assets. Speak with your lawyer about the legal steps to quickly protect your accounts.
  3. Do not incriminate yourself – Don’t spill the beans or any kind of unnecessary information without your lawyer around. It’s important to know when to talk and when not to.
On Moving Forward

The next step that would likely follow a white collar investigation is the hearing.

Keep in mind that unlike most interactions with the tax office, a white collar case cannot get resolved through repayment alone. Once the case goes to court and you’re actively in the prosecution process, it’ll be too late to try to pay the money back. Not to mention the inevitable civil lawsuit by the victim or victims affected to cover their losses.

Indeed, people look at white collar crimes as a less serious offence in comparison to violent crimes. But, once a person has been proven guilty, they will still share the same prison with all kinds of criminals.