Singapore city at nightSingapore may be a small nation, but by no means does it indicate that you have little to do here. In fact, it offers a lot to locals and tourists alike that there is something special you can do almost every day. That is one of the main reasons travellers always want to come back.

With so much to see and so many things to do, it is best that you come prepared to the Garden City. This does not mean just with an itinerary, but with knowledge of how to make the most out of your entire visit. To help you out, offers the following insights:

Know the peak season

Singapore sees a fair share of visitors all year round, what with all the business travellers coming in and out, and all the exciting festivities taking place.

For instance, there are the Christmas festivals and New Year countdown parties during December and January, as well as the Chinese New Year events during February. Overall, though, December throughout June is the peak season. These months are great times to visit the country, but it also means more fellow tourists and higher overall costs.

Decide on the dates early

As such, it is best you decide when exactly you want to visit, and then book what you can early one—from accommodations to tours to activities. This will save you both time and money.

Make a list of to-dos, but give yourself leeway

Creating an itinerary is essential to any trip, but it does not mean that you have to follow it religiously. You want to stick to most, if not all, of what you have included in your original plans, but you still should give yourself leeway for extra activities.

Again, there are plenty of things to do in Singapore, and you do not want to miss a lot, especially for your first visit.