Food HandlingA food handler is a person who works in different aspects of the food industry, whether they handle the food in its raw form or comes in direct contact with it such as in preparing cutlery, bowls and plates. This person also does other tasks, which include, but not limited to, cooking, serving, packing, displaying and storing. Proper handling and preparation are a must to prevent the spread of food-borne diseases, bacteria, and germs.

Safety Skills and Knowledge

When you go through the process of acquiring a food handlers’ certificate, instructors will emphasise the importance of safety and hygiene. These two are important aspects in the business because they keep food contaminant free and prevent the spread of food-borne diseases.

For example, if a handler has to prepare, cook or stuff a whole chicken, these are some of the skills they need to have and knowledge they need to know:

  • Undercooked or even raw chickens are likely targets of dangerous bacteria and eating one may cause food poisoning and illness.
  • A handler must know the right temperature and cooking time of the food they prepare to make sure it is ready to serve and eat.
  • The person handling the chicken must know how to check if it is still raw or cooked.
  • Handlers must also know the correct temperature to store raw and cooked chickens.
  • They must have the skill and knowledge to know how to set equipment at the appropriate temperature, whether it is for cooking or storing.

These are some of the things that a handler must know to keep food safe and ready for consumption.

Food quality, hygiene and safety are representations of your reputation. If these fail in the eyes of inspectors and patrons, you will likely lose accreditation and customers. That’s why you need to certify and train your handlers and cooks.