Food Storage in YatalaStorage plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to storing food and other products that people consume. This is the reason the government has carried out policies and regulations for those involved in food manufacturing business to follow. However, there would always be gray areas where personal preference would come into play.

Wooden vs Plastic Pallets

One of the essential things in food storage is the use of pallets. Pallets are present from manufacturing, shipping, all the way to storage. Pallets protect food products from the changing temperature of floorings as well as other external factors (i.e. water leakage and moist).

Businesses use two kinds of pallets, wooden and plastic. The materials are different, but their function is the same. Over the years, however, there have been complaints regarding the use of pallets, especially wooden ones. Pallets regardless of material can be contaminated when exposed to different temperature for a long time. However, there has been no scientific proof that food contamination is due to the pallets themselves.

Proper Handling is the Solution

Modular Storage Systems noted that the importance of pallets in food storage is significant, and pallet racking suppliers can attest to that. Proper food packing (i.e. packed in boxes, vacuum packed food) can help in assuring the quality and safety of food compared to those having direct contact with pallets.

Despite not having a direct link between food contamination and pallets, professionals have come up with ways to make food storage safer. One of which is through the regulation of pallets. Regulating the movement of pallets can allow businesses to keep track of its lifespan and maintenance. With proper food packaging and pallet maintenance, quality and safety of food products can be assured.

With the combined efforts of different sectors working in the food industry, rest assured that each meal is handled professionally with care and sanitation.