a girl driving a car

Nowadays, cars are considered more of a necessity than a luxury for college students thanks to the great amount of convenience it gives them. Most of the time, people would go for brand-new vehicles to give their children but even a used one will do just fine, as it provides the same benefits as the former and sometimes even more. The following are a few of those advantages that you get when you buy a used car for your college kid.


Price has always been the biggest selling point of used vehicles, attracting those who can’t afford to purchase the more expensive brand-new ones. Before you go ahead and look for one, do speak with your child first and ask if they prefer a particular make and model as well as any other specifications. After that, all you need to do is to look for the car in question and make sure that all the important vehicle parts and features are in good condition. If dealers scare you or you’re not confident in your haggling skills, you can avail of car buying services in Utah to negotiate for you.

Teaches Responsibility

Part of owning a vehicle is making sure that it stays in tip-top shape at all times and giving your kid one teaches them about being a responsible car owner. Learning about regular car care and maintenance as well as road courtesy will go a long way both on and off the road, and these lessons will see them through even in the direst of situations. Owning a car can also help them learn how to control their expenses and set aside funds for their vehicle’s needs just in case they need fuel, or they need to get repairs. What’s great is that they can apply what they’ve learned to other aspects of life.

a foot pressing the brake pedal of a car

Source of Challenge

Now and then we could use a source of motivation and for your kid, giving them a used car may be the spark that they need. They can see this as a personal challenge and be encouraged to work harder to buy a better vehicle for themselves. Giving your child a brand-new one may not give them the same degree of motivation since they’re already starting with a great item, so if your goal is to teach them the value of hard work, then a used car would be your best pick.

Easy Upgrades

Giving your vehicle a few modifications visually and performance-wise can get a bit pricey but not so if you drive a used car. The parts will come in cheaper since the vehicle is just a bit older than the newer models. Newer cars may only have few upgrades available at this time as well, letting the older but fully decked-out vehicle outperform it. You can even get a better top-end used car for about the same price as a brand-new lower model, with the former considered to be a better investment overall.

While it is true that practicality should be your main goal for the search, it is still a gift to your child in the end. Make it special and try to get a car that is at least in their favorite color or their favorite older model. Once they get their licenses, you can give them this sweet ride to commemorate the situation, making the vehicle even more meaningful.