child studyingA child’s study habits can sometimes predetermine his long-term success in school. Most parents don’t understand the importance of their children’s study skills. Such as the way they study for a test on Friday will be the same skills they will use to pass or succeed in high school and college. These practices are mostly acquired and still used even in their professional careers.

Taking proper notes, studying productively, and getting organized are the same skills your child will need in his adult life. So, what’s the best study habit technique that would somehow be a preparation for the ACT prep course in the future? Read on to find out.

What Science Has to Say About the Study Habits of a Child

Robert Bjork and Nate Kornell presented a study in the Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. They claimed that their research on the memory presented them several important recommendations about the most effective ways to study.

According to them, the student should do more than just reading over the materials. Both stated that students should also test themselves. This is one of the most important ways to study productively. Furthermore, they suggest that it is important to review lessons over a period of days compared to just reading the materials and notes a few hours before the exam.

The studies also revealed that there were only two-thirds of college students who habitually test themselves when studying. Majority of the students only study for the upcoming exams one time.

The American College Test Prep Course

When your child has developed the proper study habits of testing himself after a review is the best touchstone for the ACT prep course. In the prep course, the students finish practice tests and sections so they would be prepared for the actual exam. ACT is the most popular standardized college test in the U.S.

The prep course for the ACT is essential for college hopefuls. High test scores can help avoid getting rejected by the college and university the student prefers. Though, it might not guarantee admission into the top universities.

While they learn a lot in high school, the curriculum of colleges and universities differ. But the prep course of ACT can present and provide the hopefuls the materials and concept they were unfamiliar with. These can potentially improve their ACT scores.

An ACT prep course doesn’t guarantee admission to a top university, but it can increase a student’s chances. The student must learn that the most important thing in life is that as an individual, his pursuit of knowledge continues.