Plumber checking furnaceHVAC technicians have encountered plenty of commercial furnace issues that they know which ones are the most common. Ranging from hearing odd noises on your commercial furnace to merely thinking that something doesn’t seem quite right, you will need help from a furnace repair expert like Whipple Service Champions in Salt Lake City. Determine the real causes for the common issues below:

Your commercial furnace won’t turn on

If your commercial furnace is going through a power failure, then one or plenty of factors might have caused it to malfunction. This could include blower motor failure, blown transformer, faulty control board, loose connections or wiring and tripped breakers.

You hear odd noises coming from your commercial furnace

If your commercial furnace is making weird or loud noises, it is not a good sign. It signifies a bigger issue, such as an imminent failure.

Your commercial furnace burner won’t light up

If your commercial furnace burner doesn’t light up, then a faulty control board might have caused it. Otherwise, improper combination fan-limit control or clogged furnace flue might be other possible causes.

Your commercial furnace burner won’t remain lit

If your commercial furnace burner doesn’t remain lit, then it’s caused by ignorance in commercial furnace cleaning and maintenance. Most of the time, condensate drain cleaning or flame sensor cleaning may fix the issue. However, there are times when you also have to face furnace gas supply problem.

Your commercial furnace blower won’t turn on

If a commercial furnace blower doesn’t turn on, then there could be a problem with the run capacitor or blower motor.

By knowing the typical issues your commercial furnace will face, you will be prepared to face it when the time comes. Not only that, remembering all the causes listed here will even help you to prevent it from happening in the first place.