A gavel and colourful letters regarding child-custodyMost parents would wish to raise their children together. This, however, is not always possible owing to various circumstances with the common one being divorce. In these times, agreeing on the best way to bring up your kids is essential.

Whether you reach an amicable decision on your own or go to court, getting a law firm specializing in child custody in Marysville to guide you is essential. The law experts will ensure your agreement is legally enforceable and in your children’s best interests. Here are some of the key areas the agreement will address.

Type of custody

The two types of custody are joint and sole custody. The parent with sole custody makes all the major decisions for the child including medical care, education, and religion. The child also lives with this parent. The schedule of visitation and access for the non-custodial parent is also addressed in your agreement. In joint custody, both parents share parental responsibilities and duties and the child lives with both parents based on circumstances.


Your child custody agreement will also outline the amount of child support paid to the custodial parent. The amount agreed depends on the non-custodial parent’s earning capacity and the child’s lifestyle. In most cases, an account is set up for depositing of the money for ease of funds transfer and documentation in case any disputes arise.

Duration of your agreement

Child custody agreements are reviewed periodically since circumstances change. The agreement will include the duration of periodic reviews of your agreement to ensure it remains practical. The duration between periodic reviews mostly depends on the age of your child.

Regardless of your situation, your children do not have to suffer. A good child custody agreement addressing all the above key areas will ensure they are comfortable. Get a good lawyer to help you get the best life for your kids.