Don’t fret if you find it hard to keep up with your child; scientists know that children have higher energy levels than the average adult.  Although keeping pace with your child may be exhausting for you — for them, lack of opportunity to run around is frustrating. They’re hyperactive, so need lots of space and action to release excess energy.

One of the best ways to burn up the energy is to enrol them in sports clubs and after-school activities. There are many advantages, and you’ll be surprised how this simple decision can positively shape your child’s future.

Start Them Young


The first five years of a child’s life are the most crucial for development. During the early years, they learn about their environment and how it affects them. A reason toddlers love to run around is that it’s a recently acquired skill, and they are excited at their new ability. You can easily turn their excitement into genuine interest for a sport that will strengthen their endurance, muscle strength and agility.

Sport also teaches them to focus and build up concentration skills. A child may be difficult to deal with sometimes, especially with the digital age where tablets and computer games are serious distractions. If they have short attention spans, sport helps them pay attention to things happening around them.

The Long-term Benefits of Sport

An active person is a healthy person. Once your child adjusts to an active lifestyle, it’s not only their physical health that’s positively affected but their mental and emotional well-being. Sport develops many skills, including memorisation, perseverance and problem-solving ‒ that will serve them well in academic life. Additionally, studies show that physical activity helps reduce stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue, especially as they grow older.

Aside from keeping your child fit and healthy, sports helps with their social lives. A sports club for toddlers and children, Munchkin Sports, states that active games introduce youngsters to each other socially. It’s a good way to have fun and explore with people their age in a safe environment. Through these activities, they form lifelong bonds with their teammates.

Types of Sports to Join

Track and Field

With a wide array of sports clubs and activities, the choices can be overwhelming. To help narrow down the options, look to your child’s strengths and interests.

Does your child possess a strong fighting spirit? You may try enrolling them in competitive individual sports like badminton, ultimate Frisbee, or table tennis. Perhaps your child exhibits the qualities of a good team player ‒ how about basketball or football? The possibilities are endless.

You may think you may know your child well enough, but it’s always best to seek their opinion first. Otherwise, they might end up unhappy or worse, they will want to quit. Remember that the key is for them to have fun while being active.

The next time you find yourself panting after a wild chase with your child, think of their energy as an opportunity to introduce them to a sport.  This helps your child understand that being active is an essential part of growing up, and that sport has a positive effect throughout life.