A lady in a grocery shopBrands always believed consumers make logical and knowledgeable choices, yet the truth is, most people rely on instinct. Eye tracking research reveals shoppers only read around seven words during a shopping trip and purchase spontaneously just by looking at shape, colour and familiarity of the area. Successful businesses, bestselling products and brand packaging companies like Unimax understand that you should appeal to the reptilian brain that decides before rationality kicks in.

Your product packaging must be clear and simple.

When you go grocery shopping, select a random shelf and scan through the items. Look at each of the product, try to determine what the item is for and who is behind the brand. Those two important questions are simple, but difficult to answer in less than four seconds. This is the time limit each shopper sets for a specific product. Do not put too much design on the item that might confuse its main purpose. The number one rule is to have a clear product and a clear brand.

Your product packaging must be honest.

The rookie mistake designer newbies make is they try to portray a product to perfection. For instance, a brand portrays a cookie covered in chocolate, when in fact, they are selling a simple biscuit that is chocolate flavoured. When you present a product better than reality, you are just leading your shoppers to disappointment. This will make them lose their trust in you and your brand that will lead to poor sales.

Your product packaging must be authentic.

Successful brands and great companies know that appeal, memorability and creativity are the pillars of effective packaging designs. With the number of product designs today, it is a challenge to stay authentic. Forbes suggests finding a point of orientation on the package that will catch the consumer’s attention. It must communicate clearly, why they need your product.

Remember, your packaging makes or breaks your product. Ensure that your product’s package is clear and simple as well as honest and authentic to lure in more loyal customers.