An inside view of a caravan in the outbackCaravanning or camping has been a part of the Aussies’ holidaying, with about 85% of the population agreeing that everyone should experience it. It appears that the economy has joined the trend.

An average of 5% year-on-year growth proves that the caravan industry is the fastest growing commercially operated accommodation. It is a ‘perfect storm’ for the country’s positive economic growth, explains Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA).

The Manufacturing Sector

As consumer demand for recreational vehicle grows, the caravan manufacturing industry grows as well. Over 70% of the caravans used are locally manufactured, having just had its highest production in 37 years. Today, the annual wholesale value of Australian manufactured RVs is at $940 million.

The Accommodation Sector

More than 85% of Australians have tried caravanning or camping. Resort Brokers Australia, which has provided expert advice and purchasing assistance in the caravanning sector, expects this figure to rise as more tourists look for inexpensive holiday options.

Another study says local travellers prefer caravan or camping parks. Local tourists’ caravanning and camping grew by 7%, making it the fastest growing accommodation type. In fact, 30 million domestic visitors spent their nights in caravan parks or commercial camping grounds.

About 90% of caravanning takes place in regional states, and economists predict a rise in investment activity in these areas. In regional states like Victoria and Northern Queensland, where there’s no shortage of accommodation, caravan parks are among the topmost frequented holiday venues.

The Local Community

The local communities also benefit from the jobs and businesses created by the caravanning and camping industry, as stated by the CIAA spokesperson. Research says 25,000 direct employees are working in the caravan industry of Australia for the past year. This is further supported by the government, aiming to lift small businesses by generating more economic activity and jobs.

As the nation’s marketing campaign goes, ‘there’s nothing like Australia’. With the economic progress, all three sectors – manufacturing, accommodation, and the local community – gladly reap the benefits.