Dentist checking the patient's teethComputer technology, advances in production and the discovery of new materials have all provided dentists with a range of incredible treatments for their patients. It means that as a patient, the average person has many choices when it comes to fixing dental issues, including treatments that can improve natural function in the case of invisible braces or can completely replace teeth with dental implants. Previously, the only choices available for the replacement of teeth were removable dentures or fixed bridges, both of which provide cosmetic replacement and some function replacement but also came with compromises to the foods that could be eaten, and careful maintenance routines have to be put in place. Now, dental implants in Northern Ireland offer people 3 areas of improvement of function that have not been afforded by previous options.

Before choosing to receive dental implants in Northern Ireland, it’s good to search clinics that can provide this treatment such as Blue Sky Dentistry. Looking for clinics that have dentists who have qualifications and experience in implantology ensures a successful experience and the best results in dental implants in Northern Ireland.

Three reasons to choose dental implants in Northern Ireland

There are many reasons to choose dental implants, putting them at the forefront of teeth restoration. Many of these stem from the fact that dental implants are a replacement for the tooth root.

Creation of a stable base

Since the implants are embedded into the jawbone and then the bone and tissues grow snugly around them, the implants become fully anchored creating a stable base for crowns to be fixed in place.

No compromise in eating

The average human bite has a force of around 200lbs, which means teeth withstand incredible pressure. Since dental implants become so firmly anchored, they can withstand this pressure over many years, functioning just like natural teeth. So, no compromises on the foods we all love to eat.

Stabilising surrounding teeth

Over time when teeth are lost, the gum starts to shrink, and the jawbone can start to be reabsorbed. This destabilises the surrounding teeth, leading to further tooth loss. With dental implants, the gum and jawbone remain heathy and ensure the health of surrounding teeth.